Dissemination of Educational Information Policy

We recognize that there is a great need for answers concerning MdDS causes, treatments, and cures, and a consequent need to inform persons suspecting they have MdDS as well as healthcare professionals and the general public. In support of this, we will seek to publish significant educational and research data on our website. We will also seek to provide demographic data as a portal for surveys from those who are researching, reviewing, or studying MdDS so that they can post their own survey. Although we recognize that such surveys may contain differing question formats, redundancy, and conflicting observations, this will nevertheless be consistent with our educational policy of providing the broadest information base. We will include in the website a segment reflecting Foundation observations on significant issues, including a disclaimer as to its authenticity. The overall result will seek to provide the broadest body of information in support of future inquiries and research.

Board approved – 7/30/2007
R. Josselyn

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