Stories and Faces of an Invisible Illness

Learn More about MdDS through the Personal Stories and Faces of an Invisible Illness

Stories published more recently (from March 2012 on) appear on the Foundation’s blog:

June 2011 Longstanding MdDS but only recent diagnosis prompts this active mother of 3 to create the MdDS awareness walk and fundraising event, the Rock’n Stroll.
Arianne Daume
June 2011 Mother of two young boys struggles to maintain home and family while experiencing a repeat episode of MdDS.
Darilyn Rice
June 2011
Registered nurse develops MdDS after a Mexican Riviera Cruise in 2010. Then, after months of symptoms, MdDS has abated.
Lynn Kanne
June 2011 Academic librarian develops MdDS after a seven day Mexican Riviera Cruise.
Patty Boyd
May 2011 Repeat episodes of MdDS forced an early retirement for a non-commissioned officer and fitness instructor.
Diane Bruning
May 2011 A travel enthusiast acquires MdDS after a much anticipated train trip with family.
Stephen Kozan
April, 2011 MdDS has been a life-changing event, but made easier by loving family and friends.
The Cruise Bruise: read stories of passengers and crew experiencing Mal de Débarquement Syndrome post-cruise. Marla (registered nurse)
A birthday cruise in the Caribbean results in MdDS and professional disablement.
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A “cruiser,” this doctor continues to develop short-term MdDS after each adventure on the seas.
Joan First, after extended auto rides, then after boating. Now, persistent MdDS. Richard W. Ellison, MD, FACS
June 2010 A military physician, Dr. Ellison was in Haiti during an earthquake. His MdDS was treated with a new therapy at Fort Bragg.
William H. “Bill” Smith
June 2010 Transient MdDS after yachting in Alaska and recurrence after a sinus infection, this Wyomingite no longer returns to yachting.
Marilyn Josselyn
(Foundation Founder)
A Russian waterway cruise left a lasting impact on Marilyn… MdDS!! Then, Roger, her husband began a campaign to increase awareness and to find a cure for MdDS.