June is Awareness Month

The MdDS Foundation encourages you to participate all month long, in any way you can, to promote awareness of Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. Here are a few easy ways you can help bring MdDS to the forefront during June Awareness Month (JAM).

Update your profile picture for the month of June.

Changing your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile photo is a great way to raise awareness among your friends. To download the ribbon, just right-click (PC users) or Ctrl-click (Mac users) and save the image to your computer. Touch and hold to save the image on most mobile devices.

Silver and blue are the awareness ribbon colors for neurological disorders.

Weekly or daily posts on your wall about how MdDS has affected you and your family are also very educational. If your privacy settings allow, use hashtags such as #beatMdDS, #cruisebruise, #DisembarkmentSyndrome or #TravelDizziness to reach and educate people in Facebook outside your network of Friends.

Hand out brochures to educate the public and medical professionals alike.

Our professionally printed brochures are free for the asking. Simply send us your name and address, and we’ll mail them out to you. Be sure to let us know how many brochures you can use.

trifold brochure

Click to view and print the brochure. Right-click (PC users) or Ctrl-click (Mac users) to download the PDF.

30 Tweets for 30 Days

Tweet along with us all month long. @MdDSFoundation will be using the hashtag #mddsJAM or #beatMdDS to help MdDS become a trending topic.


MdDS is short for Mal de Débarquement Syndrome (Fr.) which means sickness upon disembarking (leaving a boat, plane, train, car…) #beatMdDS

Routine medical tests produce normal results with MdDS. MdDS is diagnosed only after other disorders have been excluded. #mddsJAM

MdDS is NOT an inner ear disorder or labyrinthitis. It is a rare & underresearched #Neurological syndrome. http://j.mp/1nzkUz3 #mddsJAM

TY with Heart


Please let us know if you are hosting an awareness or fundraising event to support research, and we’ll provide all the assistance we can. Thank you for participating in JAM with us!