Spontaneous Onset

DID YOU KNOW?… Not all MdDS is triggered by a motion event. Some patients develop MdDS spontaneously, i.e., they lack…

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4th Annual Awareness Walk

September 27: the walk to Stop the Rock! Pennsylvania, Central Cali and Portland kicked if off today. Supporting walks took place in Northern California…

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Stories of an Invisible Illness

Tom’s story: relief from the rocking while hitting the road again

I am – it seems – one of the rarer male cases. I have specific memories of exactly what happened at the time I suddenly started to experience symptoms. It all started one night two years ago while out doing my pizza delivery job, which I have now quit! It was a busy night, and I suddenly noticed a rocking/swaying sensation, or as if walking on a mattress, or being on a boat. This came on suddenly and has been exactly the same ever since. About a week previous to this, I had a (non-vehicular) whiplash incident…

Annual trip to Lake Powell triggers episodic MdDS for M.

In September of 2010, my life at 46 was chugging along at a fine pace. My family is lucky enough to take an annual trip to Lake Powell, Utah but the one in 2010 changed my life forever. This particular trip was our 13th and nothing was out of the ordinary, except prior to going I was riding my mountain bike and took a spill going over the handle bars. At first, I thought, “Wow, there goes hundreds of dollars for a chiropractor!” I didn’t think much else of it, got back on my bike and was…

Mia’s Story and a Sweet Surprise


Three months after my daughter was born, my family and I went on vacation in the mountains. The drive was about 8 hours long. Five days later, we took a 3 hour flight home. Now, I don’t know whether it … Continue reading → Powered by WPeMatico