Patient Registry

NEW FOR 2016: We invite you to join the MdDS Patient Registry. The data collected through PatientCrossroads will help doctors better understand our…

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Research Papers Published

Research papers are listed on the Biomedical Literature page as they become available. These articles are peer-reviewed and, while written by and for medical…

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Stories of an Invisible Illness

Still on a boat that’s never still

You’ve probably stopped talking about it all the time, but MdDS is still a part of your life, and it drives decisions you make every day. Share to let your friends and family know that you’re coping, but also struggling sometimes.

A Journey to MdDS Land

In this story, I’m taking my friend Amy on an imaginary journey that’s very real to those of us who live with MdDS every day. We’ll be visiting a big carnival circus tent and you’ll experience several different rides and attractions – no clowns, I promise.→

Cursed by the Metro

“I believe you.” These can be the most powerful words you can say to someone who is crying each day desperate for the world to take them seriously. It is true when they say that you only realize the value … →