Spontaneous Onset

DID YOU KNOW?… Not all MdDS is triggered by a motion event. Some patients develop MdDS spontaneously, i.e., they lack…

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Stories of an Invisible Illness

23 years without answers. Not anymore.

After almost 23 years of being undiagnosed, I believe I finally know why I experience the non-stop rocking sensations that have plagued me since university. I’m so happy to have found the Foundation and this site. Just knowing there are others like me →

Traveling with MdDS: Advice from Elaine

Today’s post was written by Elaine Schlissel, a MdDS and migraine sufferer. She disembarked with MdDS after a one-week Alaskan cruise in June 2010 but is enjoying a second long-term remission. Please note that when it comes to benzos, “Your mileage may vary.”

Brandy’s Not-from-a-Cruise MdDS Story

My MdDS began in December 2012. I didn’t know what it was and kept getting misdiagnosed. My instinct was that it could have been brought on by playing for long periods of time on the Nintendo Wii with my kids. Powered by WPeMatico