Spontaneous Onset

DID YOU KNOW?… Not all MdDS is triggered by a motion event. Some patients develop MdDS spontaneously, i.e., they lack an identifiable motion event. • Some patients develop MdDS after extended car or train travel, or other motion experience. • The hallmark symptoms of MdDS are a … Continue reading

4th Annual Awareness Walk

September 27: the walk to Stop the Rock! Pennsylvania, Central Cali and Portland kicked if off today. Supporting walks took place in Northern California and the great Smoky Mountains region on October 4. To see photos, please visit our Facebook page at … Continue reading

Mid-Year Media Recap

It's been an active year for those living with MdDS and on-going efforts have produced quite a bit of media coverage, listed here for your convenience. TELEVISION COVERAGE The Doctors (US TV show), “Seasickness on Land?” with Dr. Travis Stork and patient Joy Sheerer. The Project (AU TV … Continue reading