MdDS Patient Registry: Research is more collaborative today than ever before.

It takes whole communities to help people living with a rare condition lead healthier, happier lives. With PatientCrossroads we’re building an MdDS Patient Registry to collect and make patient data as useful, comprehensive and safe as it can possibly be. PatientCrossroads is a place for patients, advocates, industry, and researchers to connect. If you are a medical professional, please share this information with your MdDS patients.

Through access to validated patient datasets, the PatientCrossroads system helps researchers recruit patients for research, and unlock effective treatments.

You’re the expert in your own condition. If you are living with Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, please register to share your information with PatientCrossroads today. The data will help doctors better understand our disorder, recruit for research studies, and ultimately unlock effective treatments for MdDS. This link will direct you to our custom registry:

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Security & Privacy: Protecting patient data, while providing diverse stakeholders with broad access to the aggregated information is PatientCrossroads’ top priority. PatientCrossroads manages and operates all systems in a rigorous manner to allow compliance with HIPAA, FISMA and Safe Harbor data and patient protection laws.