To make a donation “in memory of” or “in honor of” a person or special occasion, please use the “Purpose” field for your dedication note or include a completed Memorial or Honor Donation Form when mailing a check to the address below. Your dedication will be included in the next acknowledgement post on our blog or in our newsletter.

To Donate by Mail: Please make out your check to the MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation and send to:

MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation
Marilyn Josselyn, President
22406 Shannondell Drive
Audubon, PA 19403

Directed Donations

If you’d like to make a donation to be restricted or directed towards a specific Foundation activity, please see our Directed Donations Policy.

Your Donations Matter

Your donations help the MdDS Foundation in the following ways:

  • $15 covers the cost for one month of the secure survey site
  • $25 sends 35 informational brochures to a healthcare provider
  • $50 supports the MdDS contact site for 4 months
  • $100 keeps our informational web site online for one year
  • $120 provides 6 hours of technical/analysis time for one research subject
  • $300 pays an annual software licensing fee for imaging research
  • $350 provides one rTMS session X 7–8 sessions/subject
  • $500–$1000 covers registration fees for a non-profit to attend a medical conference
  • $600 covers one fMRI scan on a research subject
  • $1,800 covers one PET scan on a research subject
  • $20,000 covers a pilot study into the etiology of MdDS

We thank our in-kind donors for helping us serve more families by providing essential technology and services at no cost to the MdDS Foundation.