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July 2015 — Good Day PA, Author Spotlight: Stephen Kozan. ABC27 interviews an 11-yr sufferer of MdDS during June Awareness Month.

April 2014 — The Doctors (US tv show), “Seasickness on Land?” with Dr. Travis Stork and patient Joy Sheerer.

March 2014 — The Project (AU tv show), “Permanent Seasickness” with Dr. Alan Pearce and patient Fay Selkrig (viewable in AU only)

ABC News, October 2011, Rare disorder gives illusion of being in motion long after traveling, with Yoon-Hee Cha, MD

ITV News, March 2011, Feeling permanently seasick after cruise. Tom Savvides talks to Diane Morley and Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou.

ABC News, January 2007, Medical Mystery: Disembarkment Syndrome — Sufferers feel as if they are still in motion after they have stopped traveling. (Video not currently available) (Transcript)

Keep an eye open for the next airing of the Discovery Channel Mystery Diagnosis show, The Woman Who Couldn’t Stop Rocking, Season 6 Episode 4.

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Foundation-Sponsored Activities and Events
  • September 2014, fourth awareness walk hosted in Harrisburg, PA
  • October 2013, third awareness walk hosted in Denver, CO
  • December 2012, Foundation provides major research award, funds on-going research by Yoon-Hee Cha, MD, at UCLA
  • September 2012, second awareness walk hosted in Denver, CO
  • October 2011, first awareness walk-a-thon hosted in Denver, CO
  • Apr 2010, MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation listed in the Resources Directory of the NIDCD at the National Institutes of Health
  • Feb 2010, the Foundation further funds research project by Yoon-Hee Cha, MD, at UCLA
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